General Information

This page includes information of general interest to Herons’ Landing and property owners. Information is summarized below:

A. Property Assessments — provides information on the annual assessments to all property owners by the Herons’ Landing District Association and Viera East Community Association. Failure to pay these assessments on a timely basis can result in late payment charges.  To reach Herons’ Landing assessment information go to:  Assessment E-Blast. To reach VECA assessment go to: VECA Property Assessment 2024.

B. Newsletter — At present newsletters are not being published.

C. Mailbox and Mailbox Posts Guidance — This information provides guidance on maintenance and replacement of mailboxes and posts. Mailbox and Mailbox Posts

D. Guest Parking Rules — contact Advanced Property Management  for residents who wish to obtain permission to park temporarily at the pool.  Phone: 321-636-4889 Ext. 1.

E. Guidelines for Hurricane Shutter Installation — provides information on the types of shutters permitted, use of materials during emergencies and other information on installation of shutters. Refer to Hurricane Shutters

F. Garbage Collection – provides information on dates and other information on the collection of garbage, recycling materials and yard waste. Refer to Resident Waste Collection_1

G. Keys to Access Pool & Reserving Pool — Pool use is based on a first come, first served basis. To request to use the pool for an event, fill out the following form: Event Request Form.  To obtain a new or replacement pool key refer to the following link:

Common Area Key Access Form

H. Watering Restrictions — provides information on Brevard watering restrictions on our community. Refer to Watering Restrictions.

I. Advertisements — provides commercial advertisements for businesses or individuals who have been properly vetted. Refer to Advertisements. JOHNSON ALUMINUM PRODUCTS.

J. Frequently Asked Questions — a compilation of questions and answers of interest to this community. Refer to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

To request an estoppel, please contact Advanced Property Management [email protected]