General Information

This page includes information of general interest to Herons’ Landing and property owners. Information is summarized below:

A. Property Assessments — provides information on the annual assessments to all property owners by the Herons’ Landing District Association and Viera East Community Association. Failure to pay these assessments on a timely basis can result in late payment charges. Refer to ATCH A_ Property Assessments2020  .

B. Newsletter — The HLA Board publishes and mails out a newsletter periodically as necessary to keep residents informed on recent Board action and other information of interest to the community. For latest newsletter see HOA Downloads.

C. Mailbox and Mailbox Posts Guidance — This information provides guidance on maintenance and replacement of mailboxes and posts.

D. Guest Parking Rules — provides information for residents who obtain permission to park temporarily at the community pool parking lot.

E. Guidelines for Hurricane Shutter Installation — provides information on the types of shutters permitted, use of materials during emergencies and other information on installation of shutters. Refer to Hurricane Shutters

F. Garbage Collection – provides information on dates and other information on the collection of garbage, recycling materials and yard waste. Refer to Resident Waste Collection_1

G. Keys to Access Pool & Reserving Pool — Pool use is based on a first come, first served basis; there is no established/authorized reservation policy. To obtain a new or replacement pool key refer to the following link:

H. Watering Restrictions — provides information on Brevard watering restrictions on our community. Refer to Watering Restrictions.

I. Advertisements — provides commercial advertisements for businesses or individuals who have been properly vetted. Refer to Advertisements. JOHNSON ALUMINUM PRODUCTS.

J. Frequently Asked Questions — a compilation of questions and answers of interest to this community. Refer to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

To request an estoppel, please email [email protected]